What to do when your car is stolen

It is always an overwhelming situation when you come to know that your car is missing. In such a situation instead of losing your mind first, you have to ascertain that your car is indeed stolen. You should remember exactly where you have parked your car. After establishing the fact that your car is stolen, you should immediately call the police and give them all information about your car. If you don’t have all the information on the spot gather it and give it to the police as soon as possible. They can ask you about the model, year, color, and any distinguishing feature of the car. You will have to provide them the license plate number of your car and all other supportive information about your stolen car. You should also tell police about any valuables present in the car like a laptop, mobile, or any other insensitive information containing documents. Such information can help police in tracking down your stolen car.

Immediately, informing the police is necessary because cars are stolen for many purposes most of the time cars are stolen just to extract and sell their parts and some are stolen to use in different crimes. So you have to inform the police in a timely manner so that they can take immediate action to recover your car.

After calling the police the next important step is to inform your insurance company and report them about your stolen car. It will help you if someone misuses your car either hitting someone or damaging any property, while the car is out of your possession. Never provide false information to insurance companies because they will investigate thoroughly before paying expenses.

More than 50% of stolen cars are not recovered by police. Stolen cars are mostly dismantled and sold out in parts. In such a case, if you are lucky enough to get back your stolen car then you must inspect it very carefully to counter damaged or missing parts. After inspection, if you find anything that doesn’t belong to you then hand over it to the police otherwise it can result in any problem for you. And if you find your car somewhere without the help of the police you must inform the police before taking control of your stolen car. 

Maybe you can’t do anything about your stolen car but there are some safety measures through which you can protect your car thieves. Always make sure that windows are closed properly. Install an updated security system in the car along with a GPS tracking system. Even if you want to keep your valuables in the car, keep them out of sight. Properly lock your vehicle before leaving in parking. By adopting these safety measures you can save your car from thieves. 


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