Protecting your vehicle with a service contract

A vehicle is an important and long-term investment in your life. This applies to your truck as well. It will be your companion for the next few years. It will be a part of your daily life. This means it needs to be taken care of diligently. The best way to do this with the help of a vehicle service contract. Without coverage, all payments will go from your pocket.

Most new vehicles come with a three year warranty period. A vehicle service contract will cover the coverage costs beyond these three years. In a vehicle service contract, there is an agreement made between the vehicle owner and the contract provider that for a specified period of time and up to a specified mileage, repair costs of certain parts of the vehicle (inclusive of preventive checks) will be covered.

There are many reasons why investing in a vehicle service contract is a smart move. The main reason for this is, you will save money. For the duration of the agreement, all costs will be covered by the service provider. In the long run, you will be able to save money on the long-term maintenance of your truck. This leads us to the second reason, ease of mind for the vehicle owner. With a vehicle service contract, as owner, you will not have to worry about every issue that the truck may have. It offers less financial stress to the owner. The third reason is few warranties, a vehicle service contract does not operate on a deductible basis. The entire cost of repairs is covered as per the contract. And finally, you can choose the best dealership from a range of options available. You can choose the package that best suits your need.

Having looked at the advantages, there are few things to be kept in mind while deciding to purchase a vehicle service contract. These are:

Choose a vehicle service contracts that offer long-term benefits at a reasonable cost
Choose contracts that offer more than just “wear and tear” repairs. Do research on what your truck needs and choose a contract that suits the needs of your truck.
Choose contracts that allow to choose from different dealers and auto repair shops rather than come back to the one dealer.
Choose contracts that is back up by the dealer or the manufacturer and not by a third party.


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