Pick-up trucks: Transmission and Maintenance

Pick-up trucks are used for diverse reasons. They are built to be strong off-roading trucks and are therefore exposed to a lot more than any other average vehicle. They are also increasingly becoming a favorite as a family vehicle. With increased use, it is of utmost importance that the truck is taken care of efficiently.

One of the core systems in any vehicle is the transmission. The pick-up truck is no different. Transmission is the power system in your machine that controls the extent to which power is applied. It is the gearbox in your truck that gives you control over the speed and torque of your vehicle. It helps to shift and disperse power source as needed. There are two kinds of vehicle transmissions. These are Manual transmission and automatic transmission with automatic transmission gaining more popularity in the past decade.

The transmission ensures that the power that is generated is transferred correctly and at the right amount to other parts of your truck. It goes to the wheels to control speed for example. Thus, by maintaining the transmission system properly, it is not just safer for the vehicle but for the driver and the passengers as well. Here are some of the common issues that the transmission system have.

Leaking fluid: Leaking fluid is one of the most common issues. Luckily, it can also be easily spotted and repaired at an auto repair shop.
Vehicle refuses to shift gears: Without a working transmission, the distribution of generated power does not happen properly. This makes gear shifting difficult in both automatic and manual transmissions.

No response from the vehicle: Improper transmission lead to the vehicle not being able to receive commands from the driver. This will make the vehicle unresponsive. This can be extremely dangerous.
Engine failure: The first of vehicle parts to go if the transmission is not maintained well is the engine.

Overhearing of the transmission: If necessary cooling is not provided to the transmission will overheat. This will leave the vehicle smelling like rotten eggs.

Noisy neutral: If the transmission is not running smoothly, then the vehicle will be more noisy than usual. Even when it’s in neutral.

Most of the maintenance for the transmission can be done the vehicle owner itself. You have to check all the parts connected to your truck’s transmission system regularly. Preventive maintenance every 30,000 miles is advised.


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