Getting your truck ready for winter

Winter is the season of change. The air gets cold, the ground is filled with snow (in some places) or at least everything is wet and frozen. In regions where snowfall is high, it can cover up almost 50 percent of the vehicle in snow. To protect your truck from the winter conditions and to keep it safe from the effects of the low temperatures, here are few steps to help prepare for winter.

Get your truck checked at an auto repair shop: The first step is to prepare your truck for the winter. For this, get the truck checked at an auto repair shop and do one full round of preventive maintenance checks. The preventive maintenance checklist:.

Check engine and battery: Before winter begins, check all the battery and the engines. Replace and repair if necessary. Keep the engine and the battery away from corrosion. To be safe, only go to ASE certified auto repair shops.

  • Replace all filters: The air, fuel and PCV filters must be replaced before winter. If you had replaced them recently, get them checked.
  • Add a fuel deicer: Adding a fuel deicer to your tank every month will ensure that moisture does not freeze in the engine. Always keep the gas tank filled.
  • Flush the cooling system: There should be 50/50 mix of water and anti-freeze. Regular flushing and level, condition and concentration of the coolant is highly recommended.
  • Tires, lights and brakes: Check the tires to make sure that there are no cuts or damages. Winter weather will open up cuts easily. Check all the lights in the vehicle and always carry spare parts with you. Clean the road grim regularly with a wet rug. Brakes should be checked more often in winter to avoid emergency repairs.
  • Change the oil: Change the oil and oil filter before winter.
  • Check the heater: Winters nowadays are unpredictable with constantly dropping temperatures. The heater and the defroster must be checked and should be in good working condition before the winter sets in.
  • Check transmission: Check the transmission regularly and change the fluids when required.
  • Emergency kits: Invest in a good emergency kit. This can be a box of thing you put together from your house such a pair of gloves, a winter coat, a flashlight, extra batteries, shovel and some snacks.

Get your car or truck ready for winter weather

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