Comparing warranties among major manufacturers

Purchasing warranties for your car are key to helping you avoid expensive car repairs. An extended warranty can aid in this immensely after the manufacturer’s warranty expires. While looking to invest in warranties, there will be numerous options in front of you. In order to compare and make sure that a warranty plan is right for you, you have to compare the following things discussed below.

  1. Affordable payment options: The plan that you choose should have easy and affordable payment options. You will have to analyze your finances and decide on a fixed budget or a budget range before purchasing any warranties. Low monthly payment options suit everyone and fit into most of the budgets.
  2. Your Choice of service center: One of the requirements of the warranties may be that you have to get your care services at their dealerships alone. If serviced elsewhere, then the maintenance costs may not be covered under the warranties. This can be problematic for you if the dealerships are not easily accessible. Therefore, look for and purchase warranties that allow you the freedom to choose your auto repair shop.
  3. The claims are paid directly to the facility: Similar to the clause above, certain warranties may not have a direct payment system and work on a reimbursement system. This will only make the process of payment and claim long, tedious and cumbersome. The best warranties will not require you to pay the bill at all. Ensure to choose a warranty that covers costs directly and pays the auto repair shop without you having to spend any money.
  4. Money back guarantees: Look at the manufacturer’s warranty policies. Does it have some system that can help you change or return the warranty purchased if you are not happy with it? Choose one that does have this policy. Select a warranty from a manufacturer who allows you to at least get your money back if you are not happy with the product.
  5. A Better Business Bureau Rating (BBB): A BBB rating is given to a warranty based on the information attained about the business. This includes even the complaints received from the public. This rating is a sign of how the manufacturer/business is likely to interact with their customers. Therefore, keep an eye out while doing your research and purchase an extended car warranty that has a high Better Business Bureau rating.


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