Good maintenance routines for your car

Whether you are driving a brand new sedan or a four-door small vehicle that’s been a part of your family since a long time, one thing you need to ensure that the car stays in good shape as long as possible. To notch this what you need the most is appropriate maintenance. Glance through the following car maintenance tips that would help you keep your vehicle in tip-top shape.

Check the tire pressure regularly
Keep in mind that the underinflated tires wear out faster than properly inflated ones. Moreover, poor tire pressure also results in poor gas mileage. So, you always need to make sure that your tires aren’t overinflated, else you might run the risk of a blowout while driving. Check your tire once a month and also every time before you head to highway driving.

Oil should be changed on a regular basis
Usually, the oil of your vehicle should be changed at every three months. But, the good news is that if maintained properly, cars really don’t need oil service quite that frequently. In fact, the oil service requirement depends on the make and model of your vehicle. Oil servicing also depends on the driving condition of your vehicle. Check your oil’s condition periodically to check if there’s any problem that depletes the oil.

Work on the Windshield Wipers
While this is not as necessary as the other two mentioned above, keeping it unchanged for years can be problematic. In case of frequent changing, you can check if your wipers are leaving streaks across the windshield. Replace these with new ones if you find streaks. Poorly functioning wipers pose a safety risk, as they can’t effectively clear liquids and particles accumulated on the windshield, thus disturbing your habits.

Change Your Timing Belt
A damaged timing belt can land you up to big accidents. So replace the timing belt on a regular basis. Keep in mind that a sudden failure can make you fix other damaged components by paying a hefty amount.

Keep an Eye on the Engine’s Air Filter
If your car is exposed to frequent driving in harsh conditions, like dirt roads, grime and debris will clog up your air filter quite quickly. In such case, consider a replacement schedule earlier than the usual time.

Fill Up the Engine Coolant
Coolant is the fluid that keeps your engine from melting down when there’s excessive heat while in use, and obviously, you can’t ignore it. So, check your car twice in a month to check if any fluid is leaking and depleting the coolant.

Opt for Regular Battery Testing
A dead car battery is definitely not an idea of fun. So, go for battery testing at regular interval. Luckily many auto shops offer battery testing at a quite reasonable price.

The Final Takeaway
Stick to a maintenance routine if you want to keep your car in a good shape for an extended period of time. Rash driving and improper maintenance cause excessive wears & tears, thus causing you to spend a lot for repairs. A maintenance regime can help you stop those unnecessary spends.

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