Transmission overview and long-term maintenance

Automobiles and automobile parts do not have a long life. All automobiles need proper preventive maintenance. This applies to a vehicle’s transmission as well.

Transmission is a power system in a machine which helps control the application of the power. More casually, transmission is the gearbox that provides and controls speed and torque in automobiles. It helps to rotate the power source from one device to another.

In a car, the transmission helps to ensure that the generated power is transferred to the wheels at the right amount to control the driving speed of the vehicle. This is done by the shifting of gears in a particular way.

Types of vehicle transmissions

Transmission is of two types:

Manual Transmission
Automatic Transmission

In a manual transmission, the engine and the transmission are not connected to each other temporarily to help lift the gears. While pushing the clutch in a vehicle, the engine and the transmission is disconnected. When the gear shifter is adjusted, the vehicle shifts to a new gear. Then the clutch is released to continue driving.

In an automatic transmission, everything is done by the machine for the driver. Generally, if the vehicle is in low gear, it will have a difficult time when it gets to a higher speed. During this time, an automatic transmission senses this need for shifting gears during acceleration and shifts the vehicle to a higher gear. It has a torque converter that helps achieve this. The process is reversed when the vehicle slows down.

It is important to keep the transmission well-maintained. Improper care could lead to loss of fuel economy and other issues with drive control.

Here is a list of things you can do to help extend the life of the transmission:

Checking the transmission fluid regularly (every two to three weeks)
Regular servicing of the transmission. Servicing should be done every 18 months. The transmission should be flushed every two years.
Choose to upgrade to synthetic fuel. It is not only heat resistant but will also put less strain on the transmission while driving through rough terrains or through heavy traffic
Invest in a transmission cooler. This will reduce the damage caused by friction.
Avoid aggressive driving. This will strain the transmission and wear it out quicker
Choose a quality auto repair shop with an experienced mechanic. An experienced auto repair shop will be able to handle transmission maintenance better.


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