Ford F-150 vs Chevrolet Silverado

Pick-up trucks have been a popular option for many consumers over time. They bring them a perfect balance between performance and adaptability for diverse reasons. Among the many pickup trucks that have earned and retained consumer trust, two historically famous ones and the Ford F-150 and the Chevrolet Silverado. They have both earned their place as trucks that can take on anything while at the same time giving a top-notch performance.

The Ford-150 can be traced back to the time immediately after the second world war. It has remained as one of the consumer favorites since then. From its introduction in 1948, this vehicle has gone from being just a replacement for a workhorse to a truck that can be trusted with heavy duty work. The Ford F-150 has been designed with long-lasting performance as key. The vehicle is resistant to corrosion and also allows high payloads. Not only this, along with performance the truck also gives the drivers the comfort of driving in a luxury car. The latest models come with the fascinating technology and powerful.

The Chevrolet Silverado was launched in the 1970s. This vehicle has been popular since its launch for its versatile and reliable powertrains. It is a truck that offers a strong steel frame and is a dependable companion for any challenging work. The Silverado also has many attractive body styles. Although originally known as a work truck, the new improvements such as the optional bucket seats, eye-catching wheels and the advanced technology have allowed the truck to earn a space as a sports truck among its consumers.

Both of these trucks, despite excellent performance and design, need to be covered by vehicle service contracts. This is especially if the car being purchased is a used car. A vehicle service contract is essentially a contract that is purchased by consumers to cover the major costs associated with the vehicle. These costs may include repair costs, sales tax, replacements costs after the expiration of warranty etc. The coverage costs are dependant on the service agreement that a particular car has.

The holders of vehicle service contracts usually have the repairs covered at the auto repair shop of their choosing, employ an ASE certified technician and contact the service provider’s claims center to claim the repair costs for the vehicle. These contracts can be purchased from third parties or from car dealerships while purchasing the used car.


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